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We get new sidewalks!

sidewalks, continued   sidewalks, continued
This year we not only got some work done on the house but also the city re-did the sidewalks and the street!   These shots (left, and above) are early one morning, the beginning of August. The work shown below actually took place earlier, in July. We got a contractor to come in and clear out the old concrete paving of the driveway, and then waterproof part of the basement wall. As you can see (below, left) the fill needs to settle before we can get the driveway resurfaced. Later, in the fall, the contractor brought in a paving crew, and they cleaned things up and put down a layer of gravel so that we're at least not wading about in mud when we go out the back door. By spring everything should have settled, and we'll get asphalt laid down.
the dug-up driveway the excavation
and filled in again and waiting to settle
the street-eater   the paving machine
The end of August, just before JS and I left for the west, the city came back to resurface the street. First they ate away the top layer of asphalt with this machine (above). Used to be, machines like these breathed fire to soften the asphalt, but this one just ate it up and spat it out raw and cold.   Then, in September, after Meher and I got back the city returned one more time to finish the street. Even this activity is not so absorbing that the guy driving the asphalt spreader can't talk on his cellphone!
getting it nice and compacted and smooth   the dieselroller
Once upon a time we could have called these machines steamrollers, but no more. The word is in the language, but the referent is gone.   In any event, "dieselroller" is not a substitute. But the street, all three blocks of it looks lovely, and our sidewalk is a dream to shovel, when the snow falls.


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