The trip West

S of Creston Junction WY

I think there used to be a hawthorn here... Echo Canyon, NNE Coalville UT

I think there used to be a hawthorn here, one from which my colleague had collected specimens a couple of years ago (US 40, South of Steamboat Springs CO). These things happen...

This trip combined at least two objectives: getting JS out to Vancouver, so as to start at UBC, and giving me a chance to do some collecting in Oregon and along the way. But along the way we also had a chance to stop to see friends and family: JS' friends from music camp, who met us in South Bend IN for a wonderful supper, and our cousins Anita and Michele and their families, in Denver CO.

Echo Canyon, just over the hill from the rest area on I-80 that comes just before the junction with I-84, NNE of Coalville UT.
McKenzie Highway, crest of the Cascades Lava and lichen
Crossing the Cascades on the McKenzie Highway, we stopped at the crest and looked around on the trails just East of the Dee Wright Observatory. Lava and lichen, off to one side of the McKenzie Highway, East of Sisters OR.
Cogswell-Foster Reserve, OR Parking lot at UBC
In the Willamette valley JS and I sampled hawthorns at a reserve North of Eugene OR. This is a view Northeast into the reserve. The hawthorns are the low, light-green vegetation at the right. After some more collecting we headed up to Vancouver so that JS could get started at UBC. Meher joined us the day after we arrived, and the next day she and I abandoned him in the parking lot there.


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