Happy 2019 to you all!

02 June 2018

It is that time of the year again! Time has just flown by.

2018 was certainly a year of transitions as far as my work is concerned. As I said in my last year’s message, I retired from my teaching job, but was hanging on to my second job. Part of the second job went online a couple of years ago, and I was lucky enough to get the online job. Though I joke that I work in an online sweatshop, I am not at all unhappy with the job. This year, I was promoted to a higher position within the area of my work and have earned the dubious distinction of being a worker in the gig economy.

02 July 2018

Monarch on Tithonia
02 August 2018

I understand that the millennials are hugely involved in the gig economy, and I am experiencing what it is like to do such work. There is no fixed amount of work or pay, no regular working hours and no benefits. It must be pretty difficult for the millennials to be working in the gig economy, but for a post-retiree, it has not been bad at all. The work itself has been very good. I get paid per a unit of work done, and I can do as much as I want to on most working days. The money is good, and when the job ends and money disappears, I will access my Canada pension and my retirement savings. With this confidence, I am able to concentrate on my work, and things are going well.

02 September 2018

Not having my regular teaching job has meant that I don’t go to work every day, and I have no colleagues. This was a real loss, but I have been able to do several things I was not able to with a full time teaching job. Both Tim and I worked a lot in our garden and took many pictures of the plants, flowers, bees, and butterflies. One project I took on at the beginning of the growing season is to take pictures at regular intervals of the garden in the front part of the house. This is the part where we grow flowers, mostly flowers that attract butterflies and bees. I normally plant sunflowers as the front has a full southern exposure. This year, I experimented with Mexican sunflowers and achieved some success. That is, Monarch butterflies visited our garden in fairly good numbers. They were attracted to the Mexican sunflowers, but visited other flowers in the garden in the front and the back. There were several kinds of butterflies and bees. Here are some pictures of the front part of the garden from June to December 2018.

October 2018

All plants were started as seeds and transplanted at the end of May. The pictures taken in June, July, August, and September show how the plants grew and flowered. In September, the tallest sunflowers grew taller than our house, but I had to deadhead most inflorescences as they had begun to attract squirrels. By the end of October, a raggedy bed of plants was all that was left. We used the bed to decorate for Halloween, which is a fairly well-celebrated night on our street. Tim put on an artificial spiderweb and a plastic ghost, both of which along with the Jack-O-Lantern created a ghastly effect that thrilled all the little ghosts and goblins that came around shouting “Trick or Treat!”

Halloween day

In 2019 I plan to continue the online job and will try to do a few things on the side, like work on my writing, revise my website of recipes, bring some order into the collection of pictures, and garden more when spring comes.

Wish you all the best of health and prosperity in 2019!

From Meher


November 2018

In November, I uprooted the plants and mulched the leaves and branches. The weather turned pretty cold in November, and by the end of December the beds were covered in snow.

December 2018