Adam in 2007

Adam is the best because, unbeknownst, he has made my job of reporting about him real easy (Adam: I actually do know that I'm the best...). After he got back a year ago from his stint in Brazil and Quebec, the organization he went with (Canada World Youth) sent us his scrap book. In it we found three cartoons that he drew about himself. Being over-enthusiastic parents bent on embarrassing our children, we immediately scanned the cartoons and added them to his page in this web site. [Click HERE, HERE, and HERE to see the cartoons; use your browser's "BACK" button to return here.]

After he got back, he took a few days off and then started working in a couple of restaurants as a short-order cook, salad assembler, vegetable chopper, cleaner, etc. These jobs were pretty demanding physically and not so good for his mental wellbeing, I think. He should talk, write, and draw cartoons about this part when he has some time to spare (Adam: This will never happen). Although the jobs were pretty horrible, he earned enough money to pay for living expenses on campus. He started university in September and has been living in a dormitory. He has also been working a couple of days a week in a  restaurant called “Red Lobster.”

Adam & JS


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