John Simon is my hero because he had a complete raze-to-the scalp haircut at his music camp in the summer (Tim: It was pretty cool; seems he snookered two or three of the counselors into shaving their heads by getting them to bet he wouldn't shave his).

John Simon after AMC John Simon mugging

I wish I was there to witness and immortalize this joyous event but I was in India. Still, the news of complete depilation elated me and I shot off e-mails to all friends and family telling them about this milestone. Perhaps I should not have gushed that much because, being counter-suggestive, he is planning to grow his hair again with a vengeance. Ah well, we will hope for a miracle. I really hope he will not dread his hair again.

Not having to take care of long tresses has surely given JS time to concentrate on his studies, music, writing, and other things. His school is very serious about drama, writing, and music and he has already played in some concerts and appeared in a play. The latter was an extraordinary event for us. Until now, we had seen JS in musicals (Hair, Jesus Christ Super Star) but not in a drama. The play he acted in is called Penguin Blues about two recovering alcoholics (a nun and a voice-over actor).

When JS told me about the play and was practicing his lines, I was very skeptical about how it would work on stage and how the audience would react. Besides, being a worrywart totally unsure of JS' acting talents, I kept my fingers crossed. JS practiced his lines at home, with Tim reading the nun's lines. The play and JS' acting were simply amazing. I am now more sure about his acting. He really puts himself into it and works like hell. We all had goosebumps as we watched and Tim was close to crying. After the show, we went to the back and there were many people hugging JS and he did not flinch from us; another milestone. Instead, he embraced us and it was all very emotional. Adam tried to keep his cool but said with mock annoyance something about how this (JS succeeding at something) was not supposed to happen. Ah well, big brothers are so hard to please (Adam: No we're not. I'm told failure is much easier than success.).
John Simon as actor


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