So, anyway, our kids continue to give us much to be thankful for and they are a joy and fun to have around. As for me and my work, things are not so good. Read on.

Two and a half years ago, when I was bumped from my regular job, I was pretty upset. After that, I had a lot of temporary contractual work mainly from the ESL program at the university of Toronto. Then, because of low enrollment, they closed the class I was teaching. So, I am out of work again. I noticed something very strange this time though. I am not at all upset that I have no work. Well, the examiner's job continues but that is only one or two weekends per month. I am not really sure where I am headed. One idea I am working on is to teach privately.

I discovered two web sites that are just the thing for the hiatus I am going through. One of them is called FreeRice where big businesses advertise their wares. The site has vocabulary questions in multiple choice format. If you get the answers right, the businesses donate twenty grains of rice per word to the UN food program. Another site is called Scrabulous where you can play on-line scrabble for hours on end. Perhaps you can log on and play scrabble with me.

Meher and new tablecloth

morning glory by M



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