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Pancakes in Hyderabad (Monday morning)

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Sunday's run/walk notwithstanding it was not all that hard to get up a little early to make pancakes for everyone. I think we left Toronto with three or four cans of maple syrup to leave with friends and family in the course of our travels. The picture at the right shows Meher working on one of the letters that we sent as an e-mail from Hyderabad, sitting in the room we stayed in, on the third floor of Kausar and Faiz's house. Notwithstanding this epistolary activity, the commentary below was written much later, in the course of trying to get these web pages ready to post.

[Meher: Oh boy, oh boy! I love this, Tim just asked me to write a commentary on his making apple pancakes. Do you remember the apple pie story? Click HERE to see it again.]


Anyway, as I wrote in the apple pie story, Tim is a great believer in “the method”when it comes to making things like apple pies, apple pancakes, etc. Nowhere is this method idea more adhered to than in making apple pancakes. Every Sunday, Tim makes apple pancakes. First he makes the batter. Then, either he or I peel and core apples. We then cut the apples into semicircular pieces. From this point on, there are many similarities and differences between the apple pies and pancakes. Well, in the case of pancakes, he first greases the pan a bit and arranges the half-moon shaped pieces in a circle. He takes exactly thirteen slices and they all must point the same way in this circle. All concave edges leading in a clockwise direction. Seems this slice Feng Shui is important for the authentic taste and texture of Tim's apple pancakes. Unlike the arrangement for a pie, the slices don't touch one another. Once the slices are arranged, he pours the batter, tilts the pan to spread it evenly and cooks the pancake on one side. Then he loosens the pancake off the pan and flips it into the air like a pro. It almost never fails to flip in the air like a lithe gymnast and land perfectly on the other side. After a minute on the other side the pancake is ready. With some maple syrup, it is the most delicious thing to eat, mmmmmm.


There were some glitches and Tim had to make a few changes. First of all, he had to use two pans to make the process faster. One of the pans was not non-stick (see, the flipping is partly magic and partly teflon) and it was too small for thirteen slices. So, you will see him calculating an appropriate number of slices for this pan. Then, in one scene, the Feng Shui is spoiled by an errant apple slice and Tim corrects it by making it face “the right way”. I am so glad this piece of action was caught by the photographer (Adam or JS).

Azeem, a bit dubious about this western foodstuff, ...but Shameem can handle it, ...and Faiz has no problem with it at all.
And a good breakfast was had by all!
Shameem and Kausar
Shameem, and Kausar, Meher's baby sister.

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