The trip (June-July 2005)

The trip to Huq Mamu's

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While we were in Hyderabad, we made a mass visit one evening to Meher's mother's youngest brother, Huq Mamu. He lives in the southern suburbs of Hyderabad, just off the road that heads back to Bangalore. He has been retired for some time now, but works a little at this and that, and his wife has a mill that she uses to earn money, grinding grain for neighbors. Their son married recently, and works with computers.


Huq mamu frequently has visitors who come to Hyderabad for different reasons. He and his wife (Hurun) have this never-ending patience and let many visitors stay at their place. On the night we had dinner, my aunt (Ammi's big sister) was there on an extended visit. Her son-in-law and granddaughter were there because the granddaughter had to take some exams for a correspondence course. Our arrival in the city provided an excuse to have a gala celebration. It was great. I hadn't seen my aunt for at least thirty years! Fortunately my mom (a great story teller) conveys all NRI (non-resident Indians) news to relatives. So, people knew about all the things I have done these thirty years (left India, married a foreigner, had two kids, etc.). Still, it was pretty overwhelming to see her after so long. For her, it must have been a shock! She hugged me and cried for a few minutes.

Fortunately, I had seen the others in previous visits. In 1997, most people had met Tim and the kids. So, it wasn't too bad, trying to catch up with things.

(above) JS, Nihal, and Shameem, on the way to Huq mamu's.
My mom (Ammi) and her big sister and her baby brother, Huq mamu. Shameem, me (Meher), and Nihal looking at wedding pictures of Huq mamu's son. JS, Ammi, Shameem, and Munni in the foreground, with Rafi, Nihal, and others behind them. My aunt (mom's big sister) and uncle in the foreground. Ammi, I and Rafi in the back, looking at pictures.
Ammi is talking to Bhaijan (my cousin's husband; the cousin wasn't at the party. She is the oldest daughter of my mom's big sister seen in other pictures here).   Adam and I are in the background. From right to left, the hostess of the party, Hurun (Huq mamu's wife), her son and daughter-in-law, and her daughter. Hurun talking to Ammi, my aunt, Huq mamu, and her brother (in dark shirt). In the foreground is Aliya, Azeem's and Ayesha's daughter.
Kausar, Rafi, me, Adam, and JS (head missing), sharing a joke. The young woman in orange-pink is my niece (my cousin's and Bhaijan's daughter). She is standing between Ayesha and Huq mamu's daughter. Azeem and my cousin's husband are seated. Hurun's brother is in the foreground. Huq mamu's son and friend in b'ground. Tim and my sister Munni with Aliya and Huq mamu in the background.
Kausar, Nihal, Rafi, me, and Adam.   This is Hurun's mom, picture taken by Shameem.
  Group photo of the party taken by Tim. You can identify people from previous photos. Check out the back! JS's dreadlocks unbound! Meher and four siblings in a row, almost. It's hard to get everyone in one place.  

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