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After we got back to Bangalore, there were still a few things left to do before we left. One was to visit the grave of Meher's father. He's buried in a graveyard in Bangalore. Although the graveyard is in the city, with a road cutting through it, it's a fairly quiet place with lots of trees and vines and paths to walk on. So, we visited my father's grave and then Tim and I walked about afterward.



The grave had not been tended for a while, so some young men were hired to clear it of the weeds that had grown up.


Adam and JS making a rubbing of the arabic inscription on Abjan's headstone. Walking about, afterward.

Meher and I walked around Bangalore as much as we could, and I took (or got Meher to take) pictures of things that interested me, like sidewalk repairs and a building site next to Rafi's house where old and new technologies were combined. We also took a picture of the watchman at Rafi's house, and his relative who does laundry.


Shortly before we left we visited Meher's big brother and his wife at their apartment. They live next to a rail spur, but unfortunately I screwed up the pictures I took of a train going by. Then, on our last evening in India we had a meal in Rafi's apartment with most of the siblings.

Meher's older brother (Bhaiah), Anwar, and his wife (Bhabi).
Munni and her husband, Ateeq. Aliyah and Adam. Munni, Nihal, Ayesha, and Azeem.
Our host, Rafi, and Azeem, Meher, and Munni. Azeem and Ayesha. Adam, JS, and Nihal. Aliyah.

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