Herm and Gertie, and...

Well, Herm and Gertie is a play that John and two friends (Daniel Tessy, Joylyn Secunda) wrote, produced, and directed for the Vancouver Fringe Festival last September. It's a retelling of the Hansel and Gretel story and, as you'll see from the reviews (in Plank and Living Myth Magazine) the image at the right is the evocative logo of their play.

The shots below show how the play began just before sunset, and finished up in the dark. In more ways than one. Numbering the photos left to right, and top to bottom, the photographs are by Javier Sotres (1, 7, 9, 10), Beatty-Oei Photography (2-6), and TAD (8; cast and crew get together on-site, before the closing party).

  Herm and Gertie logo
Herm and Gertie   Herm and Gertie
Herm and Gertie   Herm and Gertie
Herm and Gertie   Herm and Gertie
Herm and Gertie cast and crew
Robbery by Scott Franchuk Carl Williams by Bryce Doersam

...Robbery, and Carl Williams

John directed Robbery, by Scott Franchuk, at the UBC Dionysia Festival in February 2014. He directed Carl Williams, by Bryce Doersam, at the UBC Brave New Play Rites Festival in March 2014.

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